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What are some bitter truths about life in India?




Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha at Parliament of India


There are many negative answers to this question; yes we are a developing country with problems that look insurmountable. Yes, we have a lot of negative things, which we have to fight. There are 100 answers that listed down the bitter truths about India.

A skeptic always makes the world move a notch forward by bringing a flavor to the debate. In social sciences, a business model is created not on basis of opportunity mapping but on the basis of problem mapping, the common adage that solution lies in a problem is true.



Thus being negative is perhaps the best way to start a healthy debate and initiate a dynamic transformation. Legends say that whenever Steve Jobs was introduced to a new product team, he would always start off with the statement “Let’s assume that whatever you have done till now is wrong”, and Apple went on to create the most fascinating product line known to mankind. Thus knowing and comprehending the bitter truths is really important.

But when an overwhelming number of Indians have a discussion that points out the bitter pictures of this country, it becomes the duty of a public representative to change the narrative and sprinkle some positivity into the same, thus I introduced the picture above that showed that Indians think they live in the best country in the world.

I know it’s not the answer that was asked for, but it certainly is an answer that strives to bring positive deviation into a hitherto impassioned debate about the negatives of this country.




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Pranay Sanghavi, Building Elle.bot at Intellibuzz











Aquib Momin


Swati Sharma, Media lies, and we know it.

Perhaps one of the most bitter truths is that we are still mental and cultural slaves to the West.

It is a bitter truth that we have been conditioned to feel ashamed of our culture, languages, traditions, clothes, everything that is even remotely Indian - is still seen as regressive.

Even more bitter truth is that we appreciate things in our culture ONLY WHEN it is validated by foreigners.




It is the most bitter truth that we did not believe the following until foreigners told us:


Can there be anything more bitter than this for a country - which was once called 'sone ki chidiya', which once culturally and materially so prosperous that the entire world was desperate to visit India!

对一个曾经被称为“sone ki chidiya”的国家来说,还有什么比这更痛苦的吗?这个国家曾经在文化和物质上繁荣鼎盛,以至于全世界的人都期盼能到印度一访!


Kshirin, studied at King George's Medical University

This incidence is of a fine sunday afternoon.

I usually do a lot of online shopping. So, one of my orders had just arrived on my door. I opened the door to see a delivery man standing with my package in his hand. I received the package and was just about to close the door when he said “ma'am, I am really thirsty, could I please get a glass of water?” I instantly said “ Just wait for a minute, I will be back with water.” But as soon as I turned a flash of thoughts ran past my mind.. what if the guy just entered my house as soon as I move a little ahead? What if he has planned to kidnap me? What if he tries to rape me? And at that time my mom and dad were not at home. Without wasting a second I turned back, shut the door on his face (which I now realize was really rude), filled a glass of water and then opened the door and have him the glass he had been waiting for.


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